Why health checkup

Treat Your Problems Before They Start

Most people are clueless about their current health status and incoming illnesses. That's why it's incredibly important to get your health assessed every year. At Al Hilal Multi Specialty Medical Center, a comprehensive health check-up is followed up by a consultation to help you get the most from your life.

A Preventive Health Checkup aims to identify and minimize risk factors in addition to detecting illnesses at an early stage. Research all over the globe has proven that it is more economical, not to mention far less distressing, to invest in an annual Preventive Health Checkup rather than visiting a hospital only when an emergency strikes.

Our Checkup Guidelines

To make most of your check up here are few guidelines to follow

General Instructions

  • Arrive at the scheduled appointment time.
  • Do not eat or drink anything except water for a minimum of 10 - 12 hrs
  • It is advised to remove all your jewellery before the health check
  • Do not consume alcohol or nicotine 21 hrs prior to health check
  • Carry all your current medication and medical records for any known medical conditions
  • Wear glasses and not contact lenses on the day of your health checkup

For Women

If you are pregnant or suspecting pregnancy, do not get X-ray or mammography done and kindly inform nursing station in advance on your pregnancy status.

Other Instructions

If you are diabetic/cardiac/BP patient or have suffered any illness or fever in recent past inform our reception in advance

For identification, kindly bring a valid ID.


Pre-employment health checkup is a significant part of employee benefit for any organization. This ensures and informs the company the present health status and well-being of the newly hired candidate on work.

Today it is customary for many companies to get the health checkup for employees done at the time of hiring and on annual basis as well.

Pre-employment checkup includes the basic screening investigations needed to determine the candidate's medical fitness required for employment.

  • Standard Pre-Employment Medical Checkup: BD 20/-